5 Recommended Summer Activity Ideas for Siblings

Summer Activity

Having several children certainly means they have different interests. Especially when the ages are far apart. Meanwhile, family events, such as deciding which summer activities all family members can enjoy, are certainly not easy.

Summer Activity Recommendations for Children of Different Ages

Encourage the children to enjoy the summer air by doing activities together outside the house. If you have children of different ages, choose a summer activity that they can do together. Here are a few ideas you can try.

  • Photography

If the older child has an interest in photography or taking selfies, take a camera and leave the responsibility for taking photos with him. Of course his younger sibling can be the main model or participate as a stylist. Chilling out on the lawn or going to the beach so it’s documented.

  • Cycling

Get out the bikes and ride together. You can buy a tandem bike to ride together. If not, each cycling is also fun. Don’t forget to equip your child’s helmet with a knee or elbow protector. The older brother can watch the younger brother from behind.

  • Picnic

Eating in the wild certainly takes a lot of preparation. Involve children according to their age. The older ones can prepare food and the smaller ones can fold up napkins and drink bottles. There are many activities that all family members can do on a picnic. Reading books, making videos, painting are some of them

  • Go to the beach

The most exciting summer is spent doing various activities on the beach. Even though they have children of different ages, they can play together. Some summer activities that can be done together include swimming, collecting shells or building sand castles.

  • Take a walk in the park

Activities outside the house do not need to be far away, you can go to the nearest park. The family can take a walk, have a picnic, visit or paint a landscape. The garden provides a place to relax for all children, regardless of age.

These are some of the summer activities that families with children of different ages can do. Find a place where you can do several activities at the same time. So all family members can enjoy summer according to their interests.

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